Tellico's KDE4 Porting Status

It appears that someone added Tellico to the KDE TechBase KDE4 Porting Status page, linking to an email I wrote about not starting the port yet.

Tellico 1.3 will be available shortly, and everything in the 1.3 branch will stay with KDE 3.x, obviously. Regis has been working on some initial porting in another branch and he’s made some real progress. With the current excitement about KDE4, it’d be fun to move over to porting and working with KDE4, I think. So maybe Tellico 2.0 will be the port. Qt4 has some better SQL integration, so maybe changing the backend will be easier.

I’ve also been thinking about requesting that Tellico move into the KDE SVN repo. It would go into one of the extragear modules, I think. Doing that would gain exposure, translation, and coding help (presumably). I’d be giving up lots of control, obviously, but that doesn’t really bother me as much anymore. Stay tuned…