More Walters and the Gilmore Girls

Yahoo! Sports – NCAA Football – Revenge of the shark-jumpers

What’s weirder, former 98 Degrees lead singer Nick Lachey appearing on College GameDay or former Skid Row vocalist Sebastian Bach appearing regularly on Gilmore Girls? (obligatory reference to the Gilmore Girls, a show, by the way, that Esquire just named “The Best Show on TV for Men”; I feel as vindicated as Clausen. Now, if we can only get Lauren Graham to appear regularly on College GameDay, how cool would that be?)

Well, Mr. Walters, that would be extremely cool. It would probably be enough to get me to subscribe to cable.

And no, I am not jumping on the Rory Gilmore sex boat meme…

John Walters watches Gilmore Girls

I’m planning to go over and watch Gilmore Girls tomorrow evening with some friends of mine. We’ll probably drink some wine I got in France last month, and eat some Finnish chocolate that a friend gave me. I’m not sure that I won’t be the only guy there.

But that’s ok, in more ways than one. I discovered today that John Walters, of happens to watch Gilmore Girls, too. Evidence: his article at Yahoo! called Yahoo! Cool Hand on the remote

Commercial: I don’t like those kids in the Polo commercial. Something tells me that their school has a crappy football team. They look like the kind of punks who would sway Rory Gilmore into stealing a boat and taking it out on a joyride.

Bad Logan, bad…and did anyone else wonder last week if Luke would ever kiss his fiancee? It took him forever! Best line of the show: Real men don’t drink Zima!

Joel on Dean and Rory

Joel Spolsky is something of a software guru. He’s written several articles and recently, a book, about software matters. I read his journal occasionally. A recent item tells me I am not the only pseudo-geek in the world to appreciate the Gilmore Girls!

The only correct answer is NO, it is Not A Good Thing That Rory Slept With Dean.