Updated Feed Links

I finally got around to fixing the blog feeds, which had not been updating since I moved to Movable Type 4. I got rid of the old RSS feeds, in favor of Atom feeds. Most feed readers won’t care about the difference. I’m using 301 redirects, so everything should work correctly.

And…(drum roll)…I enabled comments…I think. We’ll see how that goes…

New Blog Theme

I’ve used the same hand-crafted style for my blog almost since the beginning. I was bored this weekend, so I went looking for Movable Type template sets. There are really not many at all! Especially not compared to the number of themes for WordPress.

I switched to the Mid-Century theme by Jim Ramsey. And now I may try to figure out how to exactly start tweaking it for my own needs.

As a side effect, comments are now enabled.