Tellico::Collector's Item

Tellico is reviewed in the August issue of Linux Magazine, the UK Linux Magazine, not the US one. I ordered a copy, and from the reading, it appears to be a translation of a review that appeared in the July issue of the German-language LinuxUser. I can tell that because the menu items seem to have been translated and re-translated.

The review is nicely in-depth, with several screenshots. The article header is superposed over a photo of a pile of stamps, which looks very cool. The reviewer focused on general usage, such as data entry, searching, importing and exporting, whereas other reviews have focused on downloading data from the Internet, which only gets a cursory mention in the Linux Magazine article. The HTML export gets high marks, and Tellico’s configurability is mentioned repeatedly.

The review concludes with:

Tellico is a stable program that is easy to use. It is suitable for any kind of data collection that does not need to support simultaneous access by multiple users and does not have a particularly complex structure. Our test, which imported a literature database with over 3,000 records from a CSV file, also demonstrates that the program can handle larger files without any trouble. Running on a 1 GHz machine, Tellico imported the data in less than ten seconds.

Thanks to Frank Wieduwilt for the nice review!