Tellico 1.0pre2 Released

There is one more pre-release for Tellico before the big 1.0. Download Tellico 1.0pre2 and let me know about any nagging irritations or bugs that you have!

Some changes since 1.0pre1 include:

  • Fixed crashing bug when closing Collection Fields dialog
  • Fixed incorrect rating widget numbering
  • Documentation updates
  • Status messages in the Internet Search dialog are properly queued
  • Compilation fixes for 64-bit, and when not using libkcddb
  • Improved HTML export and Group Summary report
  • Updated shortcut keys
  • New entries are auto-selected in Entry Editor when adding from Internet
  • Audio file metadata album matching is case-insensitive
  • Changed configure flags to be consistent
  • Changed Report dialog to only show filtered entries
  • Changed labels to be left-aligned to match KDE HIG
  • Dutch and Finnish translation updates

I’ll be on vacation for about the next two weeks, and I’ll be out of email touch. I’ll catch up on everything when I get back, and then put out Tellico 1.0 with great fanfare. Or at least, I’ll have a nice glass of wine when I do.