Tellico Reviewed in Linux+ Magazine

The September issue of Linux+ Magazine has a two-page review of Tellico, and I just received the copy I ordered. The included DVDs also contain the Tellico source code. This is the first time Tellico has gotten mentioned on a CD or DVD itself!

My French isn’t perfect, but I was able to read the complete article. The reviewer focused on a music collection, but paid fair attention to the other types of collections that Tellico supports. Like every other article, the first third is taken up with downloading and installing the program. He goes on to mention downloading data from Amazon and IMDb, along with grabbing cover images. The two import/export formats that get mentioned are Alexandria and Bibtex. The review closes with:

Le concepteur a vraiment tout fait pour que les utilisateurs du programme travaillent le moins possible tout en offrant le plus de bénéfices possible. Et c’est cela, le but.

If I have my French right, that means The programmer really did everything to allow the users to work as little as possible while providing as many benefits as possible. And that’s the real goal.