Gilmore Girls

John Walters watches Gilmore Girls

I’m planning to go over and watch Gilmore Girls tomorrow evening with some friends of mine. We’ll probably drink some wine I got in France last month, and eat some Finnish chocolate that a friend gave me. I’m not sure that I won’t be the only guy there.

But that’s ok, in more ways than one. I discovered today that John Walters, of happens to watch Gilmore Girls, too. Evidence: his article at Yahoo! called Yahoo! Cool Hand on the remote

Commercial: I don’t like those kids in the Polo commercial. Something tells me that their school has a crappy football team. They look like the kind of punks who would sway Rory Gilmore into stealing a boat and taking it out on a joyride.

Bad Logan, bad…and did anyone else wonder last week if Luke would ever kiss his fiancee? It took him forever! Best line of the show: Real men don’t drink Zima!