Tellico Plans

Big plans for Tellico are coming up. I hope to get version 1.3.5 released this weekend, with a slew of mostly minor bug-fixes that have been made since 1.3.4 came out last September. That will probably be the last release in the 1.3 branch as well as the last release for the KDE3 platform.

I’m taking the opportunity now, with the jump to KDE4, to do something I’d considered for a while. I requested and received a KDE SVN account, and I plan to eventually move Tellico into the KDE Extragear module. There’s a whole process for moving into KDE SVN, so first Tellico will be in playground, then in kdereview, then, I hope, eventually in the office category for Extragear.

I won’t be importing all of Tellico’s history. It will just be a snapshot upload and moving on from there. The advantages that I hope for in moving onto the KDE server are:

  • Increased visibility in the KDE community
  • More translation help
  • Maybe even some coding help
  • And as someone on the mailing list reminded me, the chance to use KDE’s bugzilla.

Novell Forge has been very dependable in the last year or so after a bit of a rocky start. I really appreciate their generosity in offering project hosting. I’ve not yet decided what I’ll do with the mailing list.

I’d also like to say that I really appreciate the help of everyone who has contributed patches, bug reports, translations, artwork, donations, and even the occasional encouraging email. This is fun stuff! In particular, with the recent work to port to KDE4, Regis Boudin and Petri Damstén have been contributing a lot of code and expertise.

After 1.3.5 gets released, I’ll import a copy of Tellico’s trunk into KDE playground, and we’ll go from there. Happy collecting!