Tellico 1.3.5 Released

Tellico 1.3.5, a.k.a. “Valentine’s Reward” dedicated to my wife (!), is available. The md5 sum is ca5d9db11fa1dd33dfe317ffe095435c if you care. This is expected to be the last release of Tellico for the KDE3 desktop, unless some unforeseen bug shows up.


  • Updated entry updating to not combine multiple values.
  • Fixed CueCat decoder to work for UPC and ISBN values.
  • Updated Delicious Library 1 importer to handle movies and games.
  • Fixed query bug with z39.50 ISBN searches.
  • Fixed Ubuntu bug 317822, don’t mark collection modified when image is found in local data directory.
  • Added date, time, and username as available params to XSLT export.
  • Added patch from Jake Maciejewski to fix JavaScript sorting.
  • Fixed crash when exporting to small Alexandria collections.
  • Updated search dialog to open edit box for multiple ISBN search automatically.
  • Added various small performance tweaks.
  • Added option for using SAX loading instead of DOM loading. Still experimental, use --enable-sax.

That last bullet may be of interest to you if you have very large collections. The performance is drastically better for loading Tellico data files. The SAX loader will likely be the default for the next major release of Tellico.

This is the first time I built and ran the KDE3 version of Tellico on my
shiny new KDE 4.2. desktop, so I hope I got the package built correctly. Let
me know if something seems to be amiss.