Tellico 1.2.8 Released

Tellico 1.2.8 is available, with some assorted bug fixes.

  • Fixed bug with secondary and tertiary sorting.
  • Fixed bug with some z39.50 search results not showing up.
  • Fixed bug with comparing relative URLs when importing a file catalog.
  • Fixed “ISBN Not Found” dialog to have selectable text.
  • Fixed “busy cursor doesn’t go away” in the download stuff dialog.
  • Fixed the newstuff download to uninstall cleanly.
  • Fixed compilation error in yaz include, patch from Markus Brueffer.
  • Updated CDDB import to grab extd data as comments, and category as keyword.
  • Updated audio file importer to take disc number into account for mp3, ogg, and flac files.
  • Changed IMDB rating to allow float values.
  • Updated translations for pt and pt_BR.