I Hate Intuit

I hate Intuit with a passion. They make a reasonably good personal finance application, Quicken, then act like the mobsters that they are by sunsetting, or discontinuing, online functionality. That’s right, not just discontinuing support, like any reasonable software company, but completely crippling the software. Taking away the simple ability to download stock quotes and banking transactions just because of some arbitrary date is plain stupid and mean. QIF and OFX have been standards long enough for this not to be just an issue of needing to upgrade something in the software, it’s just Intuit wanting to stick it to their customers and force more money out of them.

Quicken 2004 is set to “expire” on April 30, 2007. I use it with Codeweavers Crossover Linux product. I’m willing to take the slow-as-molasses graphing on Linux, but heck, now they’re forcing an upgrade? I won’t give them any of my money, to be sure. I’ll just find a Quicken 2005 or Quicken 2006 version on ebay.

Mudsuckers. Greedy idiots. Worst names are going through my mind, too.