Tellico 1.2.12 Released

Tellico 1.2.12 is available, with a slew of bug fixes. Plus, a new translation, Turkish, has been added, bringing the total of languages with 70% translation to 15.


  • Fixed potential recursion bug for dependent fields.
  • Fixed bug that didn’t write image size options when printing.
  • Added Turkish translation, thanks to Ali Isingor and Kunter Kutlu.
  • Added ‘\%’ to bibtex translation table for comment escaping.
  • Bumped automake requirement to version 1.8 or later for macro to work.
  • Fixed HTML export to not rewrite file location for files referenced in
    the XSL file which don’t exist.
  • Fixed Column View report to sort numerically when needed.
  • Fixed Date fields to suppress empty date values.
  • Fixed Date comparisons to work for single digits, patch from Jake Maciejewski.
  • Fixed Fields Dialog to show warnings when clicking Ok.
  • Changed Quick Filter to split words on whitespace.
  • Fixed bug with z39.50 search freezing intermittently.