Tellico 1.2.1 Released

Tellico 1.2.1 is available now, which fixes a few problems with the 1.2 release. Thanks to everyone who emailed me or the mailing list and reported issues, I do appreciate that.

  • Fixed CDDB bug that read everything as Pink Floyd.
  • Improved image cache performance a bit more, and fixed another memory leak.
  • Fixed a crashing bug in the file listing importer.
  • Fixed a rendering bug with the image gradients used in the entry templates.
  • Fixed a bug with some fields not showing auto-completion in the filter dialog.
  • Fixed CDDB cache importer to use UTF-8, as done in libkcddb.
  • Changed bibtex exporter to add braces or quotations around \url{...} values.
  • Updated pt_BR, thanks to Cláudio Félix.