It had to happen…

Ok, so what’s a release without a few embarassing bugs? No reason to break the habit now. Tellico 1.2 came out with a debug turned on in the CDDB importer that will always return Pink Floyd. Yeah, I know. Pink Floyd? I just got the track offset list from somewhere, that’s all.

Anyways, to fix that, change line 108 in src/translators/freedbimporter.cpp from

#if 1


#if 0

and recompile. If you’re using a precompiled package, you’ll just have to be patient. I’ve fired so many of my QA people at this point…

There’s something else going wrong with the image cache again, too. RAM usage is bad after the cache gets full. I need to track that down, and maybe I’ll get 1.2.1 out the door tomorrow or Monday.