Tellico 1.1.4 Released

Tellico 1.1.4 is available.

  • Fixed bug that prevented XSLT files with spaces or other non-encoded characters from being opened.
  • Fixed bug with incorrectly setting document as modified when loading images.
  • Fixed bug with loading loans for entries with non-consecutive ids.
  • Fixed bug that caused crashes when changing grouping options for some fields, thanks to Petri Damstén for many backtraces.
  • Fixed bug that prevented files saved with versions < 0.8 from being opened.
  • Fixed image fetching for IBS.
  • Fixed compilation for SDK 2.0.2.
  • Updated French translation, thanks to Mathias Monnerville and Regis Boudin.
  • Updated German translation, thanks to Gerrit Albrecht.