Casting for Beyond

Susan Kitchens is a much better writer than I am. Where I just spewed a bunch of thoughts last week about the JPL-based TV show, Beyond, she went and wrote a much more coherent post about it. She also caught something I didn’t, more details about the casting. Here are some excerpts

Luther: 30’s, German Male with a German accent. This nerdy German technician in surgical attire explains a critical problem with the engine assembly. Must have a German accent.

Babe: 20’s, Caucasian Female. Hot and sexy, this young woman makes out with Matt at the observatory. No rocket scientist, she puts Matt off with her prosaic response to the cosmos.

Astrophysicist #1: 50’s, Male, Any Ethnicities. Bearded, professor-type. This astrophysicist confers with Morris about a fireball that was reported some time ago.

Amber: Late 20’s, African-American. A daily guard at the JPL gate.

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That links to the Google cache of the page, since it seems like they scroll off monthly and I couldn’t find a permanent link.

Just in case anyone is wondering, a prosaic response to the cosmos is a big turn-off for me, so the next time I make out with a Babe at the observatory, I’ll be looking for one with a more, umm, non-prosaic response.

And a German tech? That makes it sound like a VW or BMW car commerical. Ja, der engine ist critical!

And I’m much relieved to see that the JPL security guards are represented. That means someone actually might be paying attention to what actually goes on at the Lab. We can only hope…