Tellico 1.1 Released

Tellico 1.1 is available. After several pre-releases, I’m confident most of the major bugs were fixed. Heh. As always, I make no guarantees with this software. Use at your own risk, backup your data, and don’t mix ketchup and mayonnaise. Changes since 1.0.3 include:

  • Minimum versions bumped to KDE >=3.2 and QT >= 3.2.
  • Images can be written to the application folder, instead of the
    data file, which improves performance.
  • Added file catalog collection type for tracking CD/DVD
  • Existing entries can be updated automatically,
    allowing data from multiple sources to be combined.
  • New data sources, for Yahoo! Audio Search, SRU servers,,
    and, were added.
  • External scripts can now use various search criteria, not just
  • Table editing was improved, with a right-click menu and column
    labels. Maximum columns were increased to 10.
  • New and modified entries are color-coded in the list view for
    visual indication of their status.
  • Entries with no cover image now have a better icon.
  • Added GCfilms importer and exporter.
  • Audio CD importing now reads CD-Text.
  • Audio CD importing now reads track length.
  • Bibtex citations can be copied to the clipboard.
  • The z39.50 search can read MODS and GRS-1 formats.
  • Added cancel button in the status bar for long tasks, such as
    loading and importing.
  • Added drag-n-drop for images from Mozilla Firefox.
  • Added 3-column video report template.
  • Changed Bibtex exporter to not add braces around capital
  • Changed internet searching to allow custom fields to be added.
  • Limited support for inserting citations in was added.

Changes since 1.1pre3 include:

  • Documentation is now dual-licensed, under the GFDL and the FreeBSD Documentation License.
  • The track length is now read from the CDDB importer.
  • The MODS importer was relaxed slightly, to allow entries which might not have specified enough fields to qualify as a “book”.
  • The z39.50 importer can do a simple parse of GRS-1 formatted output.
  • External scripts can now output error messages to stderr which show up in a message box in Tellico.