Searching Hebrew with Tellico

I’m sure every programmer has those moments where you stress-test your code in some new way, and when it works right the first-time, there’s a certain feeling of satisfaction. I came across a mention of a z39.50 server that included Hebrew-language records, and so I thought I’d give it whirl in Tellico.

Now, the Qt library has excellent Unicode support, as does KDE. The yaz library supports utf-8, and the Israel Union List returns results in utf-8. So theoretically, the whole tool-chain should spit out the proper result.

[Tellico Hebrew]

I don’t know exactly what I’m looking at there, but as you can see, it appears that the Hebrew words came through correctly. Granted, my XSL stylesheet left-aligns everything, so that looks a bit weird, but it gives me a nice sense of satisfaction that it worked as intended.