Tellico 1.0pre1 Released

I’ve just put together a pre-release of Tellico, 1.0pre1. I guess it’s a beta, really, but I’m just calling it a pre-release. I would appreciate any feedback that folks are willing to give after trying it out. Also, if anyone is willing to provide updated translations, I consider this a string-freeze, too. Feel free to grab the tellico.pot file and email me updated po files.

ec4e71a4bb3db08a4b777410d25659c8  tellico-1.0pre1.tar.gz

First, the document schema has changed, so please backup your data files. Previous versions of Tellico will refuse to load data files that have been saved with this version. Some of the new features are:

  • New video game collection template
  • Searching UNIMARC z39.50 databases
  • Loans and borrowing with korganizer integration for KDE 3.4
  • Collection reports, which can be printed or saved
  • Saved collection filters
  • “On-demand” image loading, which should decrease memory usage
    significantly for large collections
  • Limited undo/redo support
  • DCOP interface
  • PubMed searching
  • CDDB cache files import
  • ONIX export
  • Searching using external scripts or applications

I’ll probably give this a couple of weeks to gel, then see about releasing version 1.0. I need to update the docs further, and do some refining on some of the stylesheets, too.