Project Valour – Army Strong!

My brother graduated from Army Basic training last week. Well, it was Basic and Advanced something or ‘nother (ASIT). I thought NASA used a lot of acronyms, the military is a whole new world. Anyways, so the family was down at Fort Benning. Very impressive stuff. We didn’t get to see any tanks drive around, but two Bradley APCs did show up at graduation.

I’m very proud of my brother. He got his infantry cord, and is reporting to Airborne training soon. He got a college degree before signing up, one of 11 in his company of 230+ to do that, so he’s certainly not one of the uneducated targets of Senator Kerry. It was quite a sight to see some of the infantry’s training ground. It’s amazing what they can do to a recruit in 14 weeks. My brother is an awesome soldier, and looks great in his beret and class A uniform. I couldn’t stop grinning!

I also just donated to Project Valour, on the part of the Army Blackfive team, of course. That’s why that donation badge is showing up on the main page.