People with double surnames

I had an email question last week about how to enter an author’s name, when the author uses a surname with multiple words. Not hyphenated words, mind you, but multiple words. And it’s not using a suffix like Jr. either. Patrick Guignot is publishing a list of science fiction books and Thierry Di Rollo is the author of several of them.

Tellico has a simplistic algorithm for splitting personal names. After splitting the name by white-space, the last word is the surname, unless it’s in the list of suffixes, in which case, the next to last word is the suffix. But Di Rollo is evidently the complete surname. Putting Rollo in the list of suffixes won’t do since Tellico adds a comma there.

So the solution is to enter his name as Di Rollo, Thierry. That lets Tellico know that the name is already formatted, and no further processing is done. Admittedly, that’s a bit of a hack, but hey. Seems to work ok.

Just so you know…