Opportunity on Mars

Opportunity landed last night, safe on the surface of Mars. The first pictures are even cooler than those from Spirit. Asa is doing an awesome job of blogging just about everything that’s happening. The landing sequence is great, and he’s got a pretty good transcript of the first science briefing.

Turns out that Governor Arnold and Ex-Vice President Al were there for the festivities. Bomb sniffing dogs had gone through key buildings on Friday, so everyone was pretty sure Arnold was planning to attend. We’d thought he’d be there for Spirit’s EDL, but I think something in Sacramento call for his attention. 🙂 And I did notice that they didn’t come in until after successful landing.

Wow, I’m ecstatic again. My dear mother managed to record over 3 hours of NASA TV for me last night, since I don’t get it myself. What I will love to have on my wall is two panoramic shots, one from each rover, on top of each other. SpaceShots has a new poster already of some of Spirit’s shots. I saw it Friday at JPL’s Image Archives. I’m sure they’ll have something similar to Pathfinder’s panorama.