Bookcase 0.8 Released

I put together Bookcase 0.8 last night, and submitted it to Freshmeat and KDE Apps. New features include:

  • New field types for images and combinations.
  • New default collections for comic books, coins, stamps, trading cards, and wine, along with a bare-bones custom collection.
  • New view in main window for entries that uses customizable XSL templates. At the moment, only one is included in the source.
  • New Collection menu for adding, copying, editing, and creating entries.
  • Extended auto-completion to account for fields with multiple values.
  • Experimental support for exporting to Pilot-DB.

Because the collection may contain images, the file format is now zipped XML. So if you run any scripts on your XML, you’ll need to extract the bookcase.xml file from the zip archive. KDE 3.1 or higher is now required as well, since Bookcase uses the KZip class.

UPDATE1: It looks like Qt 3.1 has a build error that I didn’t catch. If you have a problem compiling, try adding the line
#include <kcombobox.h>
to the src/configdialog.h file.

UPDATE2: Whoops, another potential build error with include files is in src/filehandler.cpp. You might need to add to the top of the file:
#include <kdebug.h>