Nepomuk and Strigi hogging resources

I upgraded to KDE 4.4 the other day and enabled the Strigi desktop indexing for the first time. As a result, my computer has been churning for over 3 days now. It doesn’t completely peg the CPU, but it takes a whole chuck.


I don’t know if it’s the Strigi indexer, or the Virtuooso backend (version 6.1) or something in Nepomuk for KDE 4.4. But this is ridiculous. I haven’t used my computer much in the last couple of days, so I just let it go, thinking that eventually it would finish indexing or something.

But no, it’s still slowing down the whole desktop. This is on an AMD X2 64-bit dual-core 2.1 GHz processor. I guess I’ll stop it here at some point and just disable file indexing again.

2 thoughts on “Nepomuk and Strigi hogging resources

  1. If you don’t want this, disabling file indexing isn’t the only way. Increase the memory available for Virtuoso. The default is set at 50 MB, but that setting eats CPU like what you saw. With 192 MB of RAM, Virtuoso doesn’t eat more than 10% of my 800 MHz speed-reduced AMD Turion X2 (also an AMD X2 64 bit dual core processor, so your mileage will be the same as mine).

    BTW, can you add Nepomuk tagging to Tellico? It would be an OVERKILL tool to tag my files, but it would work, amazingly.

    1. A year and a half later, 🙂 but yeah, I just installed KDE 4.8, and after blowing away all my Nepomuk, Strigi, and Akonadi settings, it finally seems like I can run Nepomuk on my box! Akonadi is still too much, though, I think, something to do with poor caching or something on the hard drive…

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