Testing out Conquirere 0.1

From Planet KDE, I saw a new KDE application mentioned, called Conquiere.

Conquirere allows you to add bibliographic data such as journals, books, proceedings papers, articles and many more to Nepomuk. Combine this data with the documents on your harddisk or some online storage and helps you to organize your data to quickly find some parts of your research again.

It sounds pretty neat. I gave it a shot tonight, and had to work out some compilation issues. I had a version mismatch between soprano and qt4, then I needed a newer version of kbibtex. At that point, Nepomuk blew up, which slammed my computer and made it freeze for several minutes. But eventually, I was able to get Conquiere running.

For being new software, there’s a lot of functionality and polish! Jörg Ehrichs has done a great job of organizing things. The icons are colorful, the search is full-featured. I really look forward to seeing how it continues to develop.

Nepomuk and Strigi hogging resources

I upgraded to KDE 4.4 the other day and enabled the Strigi desktop indexing for the first time. As a result, my computer has been churning for over 3 days now. It doesn’t completely peg the CPU, but it takes a whole chuck.


I don’t know if it’s the Strigi indexer, or the Virtuooso backend (version 6.1) or something in Nepomuk for KDE 4.4. But this is ridiculous. I haven’t used my computer much in the last couple of days, so I just let it go, thinking that eventually it would finish indexing or something.

But no, it’s still slowing down the whole desktop. This is on an AMD X2 64-bit dual-core 2.1 GHz processor. I guess I’ll stop it here at some point and just disable file indexing again.