Needed: editor for Linux Format magazine

While I was waiting for a friend in Vienna, I was perusing the magazines in a bookstore. While browsing through the December issue of Linux Format, I noticed happily that Tellico was listed as a Hot Pick! So I flipped over to page 71 to see the review. Somebody’s wires got crossed.

The review reads ok, but the version is listed as 0.9.10, and the website as Maybe somebody had a copy/paste error? Version 0.10 of bookcase was released back in August 2004, and there never was a version 0.9.10, so I have no idea where the version number came from. And the linked web page obviously has nothing to do with Tellico.

The blurb for the screenshot says

Tellico‘s ability to import data from Amazon makes documenting your book collection easy, but isn’t the Buy From Amazon link superfluous?

Sure it is. But you may be creating a wishlist. More importantly, the terms and conditions for accessing data from require a link either to the items page or to the top site. I suppose I could call the link, “See page at”, or something similar. Furthermore, if you export your collection and put it online, then other people may use your link to buy the book or DVD at Amazon. My affiliate code is included in the link, so I do occasionally get referral fees. Something less than $50 in a couple years so far.