Back from Roma

Well, I’m back from my European trip. I spent 3 days in Vienna, 2 days in Cortona, Italy, 4 days in Sorrento, and 4 days in Rome. Very enjoyable. I got to see the sights with my sister, along with some friends of hers from school. I also got to visit a good friend in Austria, and see the beginning of the Christmasmarkt at the Rathausplatz in Vienna.

I’m more convinced than ever that the Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris is the worst-designed airport in the history of mankind. I don’t know what they’re smoking over there, but Air France must have as many buses running people around as they do 747s and 777s. It’s really silly. Some gates are out at satellite buildings in the boondocks, consecutive numbers are nowhere near each other, the buses don’t run on anything approaching a logical schedule or route, and you get scowled at if you attempt something as dumb as trying to remain with your sister in the same terminal when she has a four hour layover and you have a six-hour wait. Anyways, if you’re traveling to Europe, do everythign in your power and then some to avoid CDG in Paris. If you must transit through there, triple all your estimates for connection times.

The sad news is that my grandmother died today, so I will traveling to Atlanta this weekend. More time in the airport, except both LAX and ATL have semi-functional layouts.