My bookcase is not alone

I just discovered that there is another book collection program called BookCase, available in Macintosh and Windows versions from Epigroove. That’s a shame, I thought I had done a thorough search before I decided on Bookcase in the first place, the capitalization difference notwithstanding.

So I’m considering a name change. Nothing familiar or obvious springs to mind. Bookcase is not limited to books, so perhaps something hinting at media collections would be good. For kicks, I looked up the Latin word for bookcase: scrinium. One of the definitions I found was:

A receptacle in the shape of a cylinder with a removable lid, and used in ancient Rome as a container for scrolls.

There’s a great list of Latin words for books and libraries at Pegma and pluteus suggest themselves, or something iinvolving codex or colophon. Corpora? Maybe theca. These are all unfamiliar words, though, which is perhaps a drawback.

Staying with english, maybe bookchest, mediachest, or bibliophile.