Camillia Zedan likes our chairs

[Seen via 2020 Hindsight]:

Camillia Zedan‘s student astronaut journal is great reading. Here’s a quick quote:

Teamwork is a big thing around JPL. At the Science Downlink Assessment Meeting (SDAM) today, I noticed three things. First, how well someone from each group would explain to the others so that they would be able to understand what other things are going on with the rover. Second, how well each group functioned and interacted within their teams. And finally, I noticed how comfortable the chairs are within JPL, prompting the question: “Where d’you get them chairs, Peter?” So, now, I must find Peter.

She’s right. I don’t know if it’s OSHA-required, or maybe a CA-state regulation, but I had to read through ergonometric recommendations before my chair was ordered. And wow, it’s comfortable, alright.