mCatalog: very nice looking

I ran across another app for managing book collections: mCatalog, which also happens to handle movies. As yet, I’ve been unsuccessful in running it, after I installed the buttload of libraries that mono requires. I’m running into Bug #1047712.

When I started Tellico, there were no really effective book catalog programs for Linux. Now, there are more than 4 good ones, conceding that I’m the author of one of them. That’s rather cool.

mCatalog borrows the interface from a MacosX application called Delicious Library, with permission. The “shelf view” looks rather snazzy, though you can’t fit that many book covers in that space. And at one time, I did consider making Tellico include more than one type of collection in a file, so that movies, music, and books could all be accessed at once. I discarded that once I realize my framework wouldn’t easily support it, and besides, I wanted the more generalized approach.