What if Noah Blogged

As seen on treymorgan.net about a post from the Whittenburg blog:

What if Noah Blogged…

  • Day 1 – Rain.
  • Day 2 – Rain.
  • Day 3 – Rain.
  • Day 4 – Rain.
  • Day 20 – I hesitate to write this down, but here goes. . . . I was working late last night when I felt something bite the back of my neck. Without thinking, I slapped it. Long story short, the new world might have to do without the zhingi-zhingi fly.
  • Day 25 – New Year’s Day. A few resolutions for this year:
    – Lose weight (let’s face it, I’m not 300 years old anymore)
    – Work out more
    – Read the entire Bible (there’s only four chapters in the whole thing, you think I would have done this one already)
    – After we land, once a week: date night with the missus.
  • Day 45 – Okay, so when God said he would make it rain forty days and forty nights, I assumed that we would be done after that. Apparently I was wrong.
  • Day 87 – Very, very wrong.