Using pyblink with Tellico

Pyblink is a utility for using pybliographer together with It helps with pasting citations in an OpenOffice document and keeping track of the reference list. After someone asked me if Tellico could be made to work with pyblink as well, I took a look at the code. The fix turns out to be simple enough.

In the file, it looks for the LYXPIPE command coming from pybliographer in line 57, which has

     m ='LYXCMD:pyblio:citation-insert:(.*)$', buf)

Replace that with

     m ='LYXCMD:.*:citation-insert:(.*)$', buf)

That should do the trick and allow any app that uses the citation-insert function with lyxpipe to communicate with pyblink, as well. I emailed the pyblink author in case he wants to include the fix for his next version.