Using namespaces with Bookcase

There were two reasons I initially starting playing with my book collection manager: having a usable piece of software, and teaching myself C++. On that second front, I’ve started playing more with namespaces, moving some classes to a Bookcase namespace. I’m a little worried about earlier versions of gcc, like 2.95 and 2.96, but if they can compile KDE, I guess they can handle namespaces ok. One side effect is that the class view in KDevelop becomes a lot less useful. I guess I’ll end up moving to KDevelop3 before I thought I would.

Right now, I have a usable pilot-db exporter, though if I export too many books, jpilot-db won’t recognize the pdb file. Since I don’t have a PDA myself, this will just be experimental functionality when I end up releasing Bookcase 0.8.

I’ve also written a few emails to the developer’s email list’s bibliographic tool. Using Bookcase to interoperate with OpenOffice is an intriguing idea, and one I’ll certainly keep rattling around in the back of my head.