Update on Tellico for KDE4

Evidently, there’s a lot of website searches for Tellico and KDE4. Well, not a lot, but a decent number really. So here’s a quick update. Everything compiles and runs. Visually, there’s nothing out of place, as far as I can see. There is something wrong with the image loader, so don’t overwrite your files with the trunk version just yet.


I’ve been wonderfully busy with wedding preparations lately, so my priorities don’t include Tellico right now. Occasionally, I have a chance to sit down and do a little coding. I have not tried all the functionality in the KDE4 port just yet, so I’m not sure what’s actually broken. In the screenshot above, there are some theme issues, I think, which is why some of the buttons are squished and the menu bar color looks a little off.

Previous versions of Tellico also have pretty high memory usage, especially for large files. I believe the issue is just that the Qt DOM classes for loading XML take up multiples of memory. I’ve been experimenting with using the SAX loader instead, which may makes things more efficient.

That’s a pretty big change to an integral part of the application, so it won’t be on by default if I have another release in the 1.3.x series. But maybe it’s something to explore more in a new release. Also, from my quick estimates, running with KDE4 decreases the total memory used by Tellico by about 25-30%. That’s pretty nice.