The New Sexual Temptation

I just came across an old article by Camerin Courtney in Christianity Today entitled The New Sexual Temptation. She has some good and interesting things to say.

But on the other hand, there have been times when I’ve opted out of a movie outing, quit reading a novel, or decided to stop watching certain TV shows altogether, such as Queer Eye or Will and Grace, because, though popular and often well-written, they’ve had me laughing at or rooting for things that are quite contrary to my beliefs. And, let’s face it, as single people, when we get aroused by certain scenes in movies or in books, there’s not much that’s healthy we can do with those feelings.

Spot on, right there.

This whole topic seems to me just another reason our relationship with God needs to be daily and active, and why we need to allow him into the messier parts of our life. I need his guidance to know how to make these seemingly minor decisions that help form my paradigm about major issues. He knows my weaknesses and areas in which I’m especially susceptible and can help me make wise choices that will protect me from unhealthy thoughts or actions.

Preach it, sister!