The Democrats need to check their math

Seen on the DNC website, the text of an advertisement against John McCain has a bit of a math error.

CG: "Gas Prices Up 200%"
Retail Price Per Gallon:
                Jan 1, 2001: 141.6
                Apr 14, 2008 339.7

Ask your nearest fifth-grader. Business & Media Institute points out that the actual increase is 138% when you do the math correctly, ignoring whether the president has much of a say about gas prices at all. The DNC needs to do some remedial work.

Then, how do you tell when someone cheats on a test? If they all get the same wrong answer. ABC News reported the same math mistake.

But what they also could have pointed out is

Over the six years (2191 days) Bush was president with a Republican-controlled Congress, the price of gas increased 85 cents per gallon. The price has gone up $1.19 in the 472 days Democrats have controlled Congress.

Who has more control over gas prices at all?