Tellico Settings on Fedora 7 – Followup

I created a test partition on my home machine and installed Fedora 7, which, by the way, is pretty slick, though for some it won’t boot directly into X, it goes to runlevel 3. I don’t know what I did to make that the default, but I must have done something since I can’t imagine Fedora not behaving sanely. Anyways, the problem that Tellico is having with the setting being overwritten turns out to be an issue with the way I’m (ab)using some config settings that come out of the Kiosk framework. It appears that if you set them in the local config file, then it gets ignored and overwritten with the software defaults. I don’t know why it does that, I couldn’t find the KDE code that did it, and I don’t know why it only showed up on Fedora.

The easy work-around is just to not use those settings. I’m probably being too paranoid about them anyway. But, the better fix is to install a global config file for Tellico with them, and don’t set them in the application constructor. I checked in that fix and it’ll be in the next release.

Fedora Tellico users all over the world rejoice! 😛