Tellico Not Showing Most Values in View

If you’ve run into a Tellico problem lately where
most of the entry data doesn’t show up in the view, it’s due to the fact that you upgraded to libxslt 1.1.23. I was able to figure out that the issue is in the XSL templates but I can’t figure out if it’s a Tellico bug or an libxslt regression.

I can certainly work around the issue, and in fact, it’s probably best if I do. I’ll have updated templates in the next Tellico release. But I haven’t actually filed a bug report yet, since I’m trying to find other examples of this usage pattern.

UPDATE: looks like it’s RedHat bug 442097, and the libxslt code change has been reverted in Fedora RPMs.

UPDATE2: I filed GNOME bug 531873

UPDATE3: It’s been fixed in libxslt SVN and 1.1.24 will be out soon.