Tellico and Yaz 4.0

Tellico uses the Yaz library for accessing z39.50 servers, which are used by many libraries for bibliographic access. Yaz 4.0 was just released, so I wanted to check to see if Tellico still compiled with the new version.

I’m happy to report that no source code changes are necessary for Tellico. While the bump in the Yaz version means a library ABI compatibility, it’s still source-compatible.

2 thoughts on “Tellico and Yaz 4.0

  1. Hi

    My name is Daniel. I’m from Argentina

    For some time I use Tellico to catalog a collection of movies. The program is very useful and convenient to work.

    I need a new feature in the program, but I’m not a programmer, then I can not do myself.
    I’m from a Spanish speaking country, and most of the time the translation of the name of the movie is not correct, for example, the movie “50 First Dates” was known in Argentina as “Como si fuera la primera vez” (like the first time).


    if you could add a feature in which users configure their country, and the program downloads the name that was given to the film in that country.

    such information could be added to a field in the database and would be easier for us to know what movie this is

    Thank you for the program. I await your response.

    From Pehuajó, Argentina …


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