Tellico and CD-Text

Based on a request from a user for Tellico to support reading CD-Text, I made an attempt to add that capability last night. I did get it working, based on my testing. I borrowed some code from Kover, which itself uses some modified code from k3b, I think. Isn’t the GPL lovely?

But all the internals for accessing CD-ROM data is something of a black art to me. Tellico’s current implementation of a CDDB query uses code from cd-discid, which has a lot of compilation conditionals, depending on the platform. The new CD-Text code has not been tested on anything except 32-bit Linux kernel 2.6.12 yet, so I added a flag to configure to disable compilation of the feature, in case it doesn’t work on FreeBSD, for example.

If anyone is curious, download the SVN trunk code from The CD title and artist are read, as well as the artist and title for each track.

The trunk code is still a bit unstable, so back up your data first! You won’t be able to open new data files with older versions of Tellico.