Tellico 2.0 is finally out there

I just released Tellico 2.0, which is the first version of Tellico for KDE4. It’s taken me a while!

As always, I get rather nervous when I finally get up my courage to make a release. Five times out of 10, I do something stupid and mess up some portion of it. Maybe the i18n configuration, or forgetting some debug code, or adding in a fix that doesn’t work. And then I’ll get one or two angry emails about it.

But on the whole, this is a rather rewarding exercise. Number one, my wonderful wife is downstairs making brownies for us to celebrate. Number two, the number of positive, complimentary emails that I receive far outweigh the negative ones. Number three, I love scratching that itch of programming something that helps me!

This is a .0 release, ported to a new platform. So I expect there to be some whopper bugs in there. I’ve started adding more unit tests, particularly for the data sources and the translators, and those have certainly caught more than a few mistakes on my part. But there are bound to be bugs, so backup your data file if you care about your data!

Moving the Tellico website, source code repository, mailing list, and bug database was no small task either. I have received a lot of help and support from folks on the extragear mailing list, the KDE sysadmins, and many others who take the time to send me suggestions, feedback, and bug reports. Thank you very much!

I don’t have a grand plan for further feature development, at the moment. My thoughts of migrating to a full SQL backend have been shelved. I’m toying with the idea of adding some sort of RDF integration, maybe using the Nepomuk framework. There are also a few additional formats and sources that I would like to add to Tellico. The sky’s the limit!