Tellico 1.3.1 Released

Tellico 1.3.1 (the “More Orange on my Calendar” release) is available. Grab it from the download page.

The list of updates, bug-fixes, and additions includes:

  • Added data source for, a database for musical albums, including vinyl
  • Added data source for Google Scholar
  • Added LCCN search to z39.50 and SRU sources
  • Added DOI search to Pubmed source
  • Updated CrossRef source to use new unixref format for more data
  • Improved loading performance to delay loading linked images as long as possible
  • Updated Delicious Library importer to look for cover images
  • Updated BoardGameGeek source to grab cover image, patch from Sven Werlen
  • Fixed bug that prevented bibtex from working for external application sources
  • Changed “ISBN not found” dialog to only appear when searching for multiple values
  • Fixed bug with SRU format not getting remembered in config dialog
  • Fixed bug with entries with multiple titles not getting linked correctly in HTML export
  • Fixed bug with some free-form date fields getting formatted incorectly into empty strings
  • Fixed bibtex import for keywords field