Tellico 1.3 Released

Tellico 1.3 (the “Jane Austen” edition) is available. Grab it from the download page.

At one point, I thought that the next major release I made would be version 2.0, with a SQL backend or something. But that turned out to be hard, so this has some incremental stuff. I might end up porting to KDE4 before going to a different backend, too, just depends on how I feel about things. Thus is open source! 🙂

Updates include:

  • Added board game collection, and data source for BoardGameGeek, using patch from Steve Beattie (requires ruby).
  • Added data source for using any GCstar plugin
  • Added importers for Griffith, Referencer and Delicious Library
  • Added importer for PDF files, using the exempi and poppler libraries (optional)
  • Added drag & drop for importing PDF, bibtex, and RIS files
  • Added DOI field and searching,, Bibsonomy, and
  • Added command for merging multiple entries, based on a patch from Cyril Dangerville
  • Updated CSV importer, IMDb fetcher, and Spanish Ministry of Culture script
  • Added option to save image files in a local directory relative to data file
  • Added option to save a link to an image file instead of copying it
  • Extended the DCOP interface to allow more scripting, including adding and modifying entries
  • Experimental barcode scanning with a webcam (use --enable-webcam for the configure script). See Sebastian’s website about his patch for more details.
  • Added Ukrainian translation, from Serhij Dubyk

Please send all bug reports, comments, etc. to the Tellico mailing list.