Tellico 1.2pre3 Released

I improved the IMDb importer a bit, and cleaned up some warnings, so I rolled another pre-release of Tellico. Grab 1.2pre3 if you’re willing to give it a shot. Please backup your data files.

Also, if you attemp to download any new data sources, the download will get verified using gpg against my public key. That’s a security layer to guard against downloading new scripts from unknown sources that could harm your computer. But it’s not perfect, and you’ll need to download my public key to verify the download.

You have no 100% certainty with this download, since you don’t know me, so you’ll have an identified download from what is technically a untrusted source. Make your own choices about installing the scripts.

If you download my public key, you can use kgpg to import it into your key ring. Or do it from the commandline instead, using the command:

gpg --import < robby.asc