Tellico 1.2.14 Released

Tellico 1.2.14 is available. I’ve accumulated several miscellaneous patches over the last two months, so there’s quite a bit in the change log.

  • Improved entry updating to work with all collection types.
  • Added MARCXML to allowed SRU search formats.
  • Fixed bug with MARC stylesheets to work better with embedded XML records.
  • Fixed bug with z39.50 search that hid some results.
  • Updated JavaScript and CSS in HTML export.
  • Updated search, also allows comic book searches.
  • Updated search to allow comic books.
  • Updated GCstar importer for new GCstar document format.
  • Updated script to version 0.4, from Mathias Monnerville.
  • Updated Spanish Ministry of Culture search script, patch from Leopold Palomo Avellaneda.
  • Fixed problem with settings not being saved on Fedora.