Tellico 1.2.13 Released

Tellico 1.2.13 is available. The changelog is as follows:

  • Fixed crashing bug when modifying fields for a collection with loans.
  • Fixed bug with namespace handling for loading Tellico XML files.
  • Added spell-checking for text fields.
  • Added importer for GCstar data files.
  • Added compatibility with yaz3.
  • Added Copac and National Library of Lithuania to z39.50 server list.

The namespace bug doesn’t seem to have bitten anyone yet that I’ve heard of. I discovered it when writing the gcstar2tellico.xsl file. The data loader was using QDom’s namespace methods in some places and not in others, so it was inconsistent.

The GCstar importer is basically an update to the old GCfilms updater. It will still handle the older files, if anyone needs that. The importer currently handles books, movies, music, wines, coins, and video games. It does not handle GCstar’s custom collections yet.