Tellico 1.2 Released

Tellico 1.2 is available. There have been a few changes since -pre3, including a fix for a crash when right-clicking in the list view and documentation updates.

Here’s the full change log:

New features:

  • Added dialog for downloading new entry templates from
  • Added dialog for downloading new scripts (requires gpg)
  • Added config options for fonts and colors for entry templates
  • Added preset z39.50 server list
  • Added auto-completion to filter dialog
  • Added scripts for, Spanish Ministry of Culture and Dark Horse
    Comics, from Mathias Monnerville
  • Added ‘next’ and ‘prev’ buttons to entry editor.
  • Added as a data source
  • Added Ant Movie Catalog file importer
  • Added dialog to choose from multiple CDDB search responses
  • Fields can have default values
  • Data sources can be set to overwrite existing data when updating entries.
  • Added parser for unmodified CueCat bar code scanner

Significant bug fixes:

  • Fixed a couple of memory leaks in the image cache
  • Fixed ISBN-13 compliance
  • Fixed HTML export to validate and to have better formatting

Minimum KDE version is now KDE 3.4. Minimum Qt version is 3.3. Minimum
libxml2 version is 2.6.

Also, if you attemp to download any new data sources, the download will get verified using gpg against my public key. That’s a security layer to guard against downloading new scripts from unknown sources that could harm your computer. But it’s not perfect, and you’ll need to download my public key to verify the download.

You have no 100% certainty with this download, since you don’t know me, so you’ll have an identified download from what is technically a untrusted source. Make your own choices about installing the scripts.

If you download my public key, you can use kgpg to import it into your key ring. Or do it from the commandline instead, using the command:

gpg --import < robby.asc