Tellico 1.1pre2 Released

Tellico version 1.1 pre-release2 is available.

MD5: e97847d387120058dcb44f378e82b82c

Change since Tellico 1.1pre1:

  • Default behavior for saving images is now inside the data file, with a one-time warning when more than 100 images are being saved.
  • A config option is available to toggle whether images are saved in the app dir or the data file.
  • Russian translation was added, thanks to Artur Kalimullin.
  • Updated Czech and Norwegian Nynorsk.
  • “Prettified” some of the entry templates.
  • Fixed crashing bug for deleting entries from a filter.
  • Added publication year to Alexandria import/export.
  • Changed default data sources to include and if the user’s languages include Italian, then source is added, too.
  • Fixed bug with parsing external data source options.
  • Added drag-n-drop for images in entry editor from Mozilla and Firefox.