Tellico 1.1pre1 Released

I’ve got the first pre-release of the next version of Tellico put together, tellico-1.1pre1.tar.gz. This new version should offer some nice improvements over previous version, and if anyone is willing to test it out, I would appreciate hearing any feedback or issues you run into.

MD5 sum: b764b8768a5e755f56ef5d212439ba2a

Important behavior changes include:

  • Minimum versions are now KDE >=3.2 and QT >= 3.2.
  • Images are now written to a directory in the user’s $KDEHOME directory, namely $KDEHOME/share/apps/tellico/data/ instead of being included in the data file. This change should significantly speed up loading and saving times, and decrease file sizes. If you want to transfer Tellico data files to other computers, there’s a new Export to Zip menu option.
  • The data file version changed, so older versions of Tellico will be unable to open files saved with version 1.1. Back up your files!
  • Braces are no longer written around capital letters in the bibtex export.

New features include:

  • Existing entries can be automatically updated via a menu item (Collection->Update Entry). Tellico uses a score match to determine which results should be used. If you get a false positive, please let me know!
  • External script searching can now specify which search criteria are used.
  • New data source are available: Yahoo! Audio Search, SRU servers,, and
  • A new collection type for saving file/directory listings is included. File catalogs can be built from the Import->File Listing menu item. Tellico’s capabilities are more limited than gtktalog or katalog.
  • The table widget has a right-click popup menu to improve editing.
  • New and modified entries are now mildly color-coded in the list view for 5 minutes after modification.
  • CDDB/FreeDB data importing now reads CDText, as well.
  • Experimental support for inserting citations inside Writer. See this post for details.