Tellico 1.1.5 Released

Here’s a rare mid-week update for Tellico, version 1.1.5. I had some time tonight, and I wanted to make some of the latest bug-fixes availables, so here you go.

  • Fixed bug with writing too many temporary image files.
  • Fixed bug in multiple ISBN search for z39.50.
  • Fixed “disappearing paragraph” bug in Fancy template.
  • Fixed name ordering for IBS searching.
  • Added “Xbox 360” to game searching.
  • Fixed crashing bug when deleting and re-adding fields by same name.
  • Fixed HTML decoding bug in IMDb plot summary.
  • Fixed bug that re-created default fields when adding search results.
  • Updated Spanish translation, thanks to Alejandro Hamann and Quique.
  • Changed CD-Text support to Linux-only, since it doesn’t actually work on
    other platforms.